ASIC Mining

        Japanese Internet giant (GMO) announced details of its latest 7-nm process ASIC special mining chip at a press conference. Mass production in April 2018.
However, its calculation performance and power consumption parameters have been published. According to the slides at the press conference, the performance of a 7-nm ASIC chip single card is as high as 10TH/S, while the power is below 500W.
In addition, GMO intends to introduce a special digging card with PCIe interface for computers, with a performance of about 8TH/s and a power consumption of 300W.
Having read the above news, if you don't know what the concept of 8TH/S arithmetic performance is, you can refer to the current top computer game graphics card NVIDIA GTX 1080, its normal arithmetic performance is less than 60MH/S, and there is a 100,000-level gap with the 8TH/S of GMO special mining card!
Hardware requirements for different currencies

At present, the main stream of encrypted digital currencies on the market are Bitcoin (BTC), Lettercoin (LTC), ETH, Bitcoin Cash (BCC), ZeC and so on. For example, bitcoin is SHA-256 algorithm and Wright coin is Scrypt algorithm. The hardware requirements of different algorithms will naturally be different.

The computer is a universal computing device, which can perform various calculations and support various currencies for mining. In fact, when Nakamoto first designed Bitcoin, he wanted to use computers for mining. But because computers are too versatile, the efficiency of specialized operations will not be very high.
Therefore, some people do not satisfy the efficiency of computer mining, and made a special ASIC mining machine. This machine is designed to carry out only a specific calculation, so both hardware and software design are much simpler, and the efficiency is also high. Computers and miners at the same price may be tens of thousands or even millions of times less powerful.
Bitcoin and Wright coin all have special ASIC excavators. Although computers can also be excavated, there is a huge gap between the computer and ASIC excavators. The consequence is that they can't dig other people out. The cost of buying computers and electricity exceeds the mining income. The profit is negative, and they don't earn back compensation.
What are the manufacturers of ASIC mining machines?
Compared with the CPU and GPU chips of Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Samsung and Metro, ASIC chips designed for a specific purpose (such as mining) are much less complex and difficult to design, and the entry threshold is not high. But because mining is a minority industry, there are not many enterprises involved, and these mining equipment enterprises are not well known to the public.
At present, the mainstream mining equipment enterprises mainly have the following:
Bitmain, a Chinese manufacturer of mining equipment, is well known for its Ant Miner, especially its S9, which has become the most popular ASIC Bitcoin miner in the world. Ant Miner S9 uses self-designed BM1387 chip with 16-nm process. It consumes 100 watts per T of wall power and has high efficiency. The Ant Miner S9 with 189 BM1387 chips has 14TH/s computing power, which is very powerful.
Bitfury, the world's second largest producer of mining equipment, currently the main product is 16-nm ASIC special mining chip. Bitfury does not sell mining machines directly to consumers, but mainly sells a complete set of data center equipment to enterprise users.
Jianan Yunzhi is Avalon Mining in the past few years. It is also a mining equipment enterprise in China. At present, its main product is Avalon Mining 741 mining machine. It uses 88 16-nm ASIC special chips, and its computing power can reach 7.3TH/s.
Also, the Japanese Internet giant company mentioned earlier has begun to dabble in mining equipment. In addition, Russia is reportedly planning to set up a mining equipment factory.