SAS Cloud Mining Bureau Breaking the Cold Winter of the Ore Circle

      Cloud Mining has recently become a mining choice for more and more miners, especially in the current downturn in currency prices, Cloud Mining has become a bear market defense.

Favorable magic weapon. Cloud computing mining, as its name implies, usually refers to a large mine to provide computing leasing services, miners can purchase computing contracts through the mining platform.

So we can earn the bitcoins that we dig up.


For cloud mining providers, this is equivalent to locking in profits ahead of time and transferring risks; for miners, it is exempt from the mining brought about by their own mining.

Machine settings, mining noise and other annoyances, but also can save the payment of electricity, maintenance expenses and other cumbersome steps.


Bitcoin's mining model is very different now than it was a few years ago. In the past, miners needed to buy their own miners, video cards and find a place to place them.

Mining to get Bitcoin revenue, but now only need to purchase computing power on cloud computing platform can directly participate in mining, mining machine maintenance, environmental site, electricity consumption, operation.

Operations and other miscellaneous things, investors do not need to take care of.


In the field of cloud computing mining, SAS mine provides real and efficient cloud computing mining services, which is deeply trusted and supported by the majority of investors in the mining circle. So what is SAS cloud computing power?

What are the advantages? Now let's get to know.



SAS has built many overseas mines, totaling 450MW. It can light up 130,000 mining machines and provide real computing support.


As a leading cloud computing mining platform, SAS Mine has invested over 100 million yuan to build a number of overseas mines, totaling 450 MW. It can light up 130,000 mining machines and provide the computing power.

All are provided by overseas mines.


SAS mine layout of mining machines are ant miners, Avalon miners and other world-renowned mining machines, a variety of new types, SAS mine specially set up a professional operation and maintenance team to carry out the mine.

Maintenance to ensure 7 x 24 hours uninterrupted mining and 100% of the mine machine fault-free and stable operation of mining. It is worth mentioning that users can view it at any time on the SAS platform.

Mining revenue, which ensures the authenticity and reliability of user revenue. As a result, SAS has been deeply trusted by investors.


SAS Leads the New Era of cloud Mining


SAS mining site provides mining services such as cloud computing mining, mining machine leasing, machine leasing, and trusteeship to miners at home and abroad, which fully meets the different mining needs of miners.

 Mining users with large investment funds can purchase a rental machine with a price as low as 10 cents through SAS. Smaller miners can choose to buy cloud computing and computing power

Mining machine leasing for mining and income, SAS power purchase threshold is low and flexible, users only need to buy a minimum of 1T power, and then according to the amount of power can be purchased.

Get the corresponding Bitcoin, buy the next day will be profitable, at a glance.


At the same time, after purchasing arithmetic, users can obtain the profit of Bitcoin during the holding period of arithmetic, and also gain the profit of difference through arithmetic trading on SAS arithmetic trading platform.

SAS platform has been providing users with real-time transaction information and comprehensive transaction data to ensure the openness and transparency of user's arithmetic transactions, which is also SAS arithmetic transactions.

Platform user stickiness has been one of the reasons.



SAS Mine has been put on line, including Ant Miner S9, Shenma Miner M10 and Avalon A9 and other types of professional miners. According to SAS Mine, it is now in the Middle East.

The mine has already lit up 30,000 mining machines. The Middle East mine can hold up to 130,000 mining machines. Then the SAS mine will continue to expand its scale and enrich the types of mining machines.

To meet the needs of more miners.


Concerned about the miners whose calculating power has been stolen, choosing cloud calculating mining in SAS mine is a more stable method, which is different from other platforms. In SAS mine, as long as

If you choose to rent computing power, you can buy cloud computing power directly for Bitcoin mining. Once a single platform begins to calculate the benefits of cloud computing mining. Every day according to the price of Bitcoin

Work with the whole network to reflect the actual mining income in your account income, daily settlement, cash at any time, investment and income data. In your cloud computing background at a glance,

Open and transparent. Let you dig efficiently and make profits easily.